Living Off The Grid

You can live off the grid. You only have to have the grid to purchase electricity if you cannot generate your own. Living on the grid has made too many of us lose our self-sufficiency. We slavishly buy energy off the big suppliers and pay through the nose for it at the end of the month.

How many days a month do you have to work just to pay your electricity bill? What could you do with that time or money if you did not need to use it to pay for your electricity?

The fact is that you can come off the grid and you can even sell your surplus, home-made electricity back to the grid. This is not likely to make you a lot of money, but it is a nice feeling after only paying out for decades. However, the savings of life off the grid do not end there. There are ecological savings and the saving of human life too.

Soldiers would not be sent to combat for oil if we were not so reliant on it. The fact is, that if more people came off the grid, the price of oil would drop, because demand would fall and the oil-producing countries that think they have a stranglehold on the West would lose their power. And that can not be a bad thing either, can it?

It is simplest for people who live in their own houses to come off the grid. They have more jurisdiction over their own property and can make their own choices about what to do with it. Drill a hole here, cut a hole there - that sort of thing. Alterations or home improvements. Life off the grid is also most beneficial for families as they use the most electricity.

The most common ways of attaining a life off the grid is by the use of solar panels, hydropower and wind turbines or even good, old-fashioned wind mills. These items are still expensive to buy and very expensive to have installed. A 2010 study in the UK estimated that it would take 10 years to recoup the investment of a professional installation of energy-making devices.

However, you could remove the expensive labour element by making and installing the units yourself! This opportunity is accessible to anyone in the world as the diagrams and plans for making these units are available on the Internet from specialist alternative energy web sites and the components are practically every day items.

You will be able to obtain them from a hobbyist or DIY shop. They are also very easy to assemble - most teenagers could do it and so could you. If you do not like that way, you could purchase a self-assembly kit.

Once you have started to become free of the grid, you can make life off the grid even more rewarding by renewing your appliances, as and when necessary, with low energy models. If you approach life off the grid wisely, you could add new energy producing units every month until you do not get any electricity bills any more and then whatever further savings you can make will be sold back into the grid.


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